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Liam’s Snack Food Binge
May 26, 2009, 7:04 pm
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Liam's Snack Food Binge

One way we are cutting down on food costs, at least at the start: SAM’S CLUB.  A pound of beef jerky for $9? Thank you, don’t mind if I do.  30 Nature Valley Oats and Honey Bars for $10? Are you kidding? Those cost $4 for 6 at the normal grocery store. For an itemized breakdown of our initial snacks, check out the expenses page. I tried to get primarily healthy snacks, or at least health neutral snacks to begin the journey. There will be plenty of time for gas station twinkies, but that doesn’t mean I should lead off with junk.


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James, Eric and Andrew — I talked with Texas Monthly exec editor Paul Burka today and he says the suggestion of a travel log on the baseball site is “inspired”. He’s a big baseball fan and found it hard to navigate new stadiums, parking etc when attending games in unfamiliar cities. You might want to take copius notes about this as you make your way cross country. Love, A

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