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6/11 US cellular field/ white sox game
June 11, 2009, 11:30 pm
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White Sox Fascism

White Sox Fascism

There is plenty of parking at US Cellular Field… if you’re a multimillionaire.  At $23 a pop, the White Sox offer the most expensive ballpark parking we have come across.  We refused this extortion and found some free parking 10 blocks away in front of a hardware store.  There are some very enticing free parking spots in residential areas right next to the ballpark, but they are tow-away zones during White Sox games.  These traps are well marked, so just make sure you are paying attention.

This game was our first rain-delay experience; the 1:05 PM start was delayed a full three hours.  To pass the time, the Sox were kind enough to play a documentary of their 2005 World Series victory on the jumbotron.  I’m sure this was a treat for your average White Sox fan, but it was quite frustrating for the boy from Houston.  It really made me wish they hadn’t canceled Mark Buehrle’s slip-n-slide show.

The worst part of the rain delay, and US Cellular Field in general, was we were trapped.  Why?  Because “500 Level ticket holders cannot access other levels of the ballpark”.  Fans with the cheapest seats in the park are not allowed to walk around the main concourse, try to catch batting practice homeruns, or look at any of the statues or memorials in US Cellular Field; they have to march straight up to their nosebleed seats.  It’s like riding steerage on the Titanic.  Even during the two hour rain delay the gate attendants would not let us walk around the park.  I asked one attendant why we couldn’t go to the main level and he pointed out that we might try to sneak into some better seats.  I told him that it is every baseball fan’s right and duty to try and sneak into better seats, but he did not reply.  The cheapest White Sox ticket is more expensive than any other park’s cheapest (face value) ticket, and it doesn’t even grant you access to the whole park.  It was enough of an outrage to make us all vow to never to return to US Cellular Field.  It’s a fine park, but we will not stand for their blatant elitism.

Our first rain delayed game almost turned into our first extra innings game when Curtis Granderson tied it up with a two run homerun in the top of the ninth.  Thankfully Scott Podsednik of all people had a walk off hit in the bottom of the ninth.  We were all cold, wet, and fed up with the man; it would not have been a good time for extras.

US Cellular Field did have some great hot dogs; I will give it that.  At $4.75 they were also fairly reasonably priced.  I had the Brat, Eric had the Italian, and Andrew had the Polish.  This might be my favorite picture from the entire trip:

Italian. Polish. Bratwurst

Italian. Polish. Bratwurst


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