The Shoestring Catch

A Long Night 6/5-6/6
June 10, 2009, 4:48 pm
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Niagara Falls!

Niagara Falls!

After the Sox game we picked up my car from Grayson’s house and started driving to Toronto.  This is a nine hour drive that has to be treated with respect, so of course we got on the road around midnight.  I had to drive what I thought would be the graveyard shift from 3:00AM until 8:00AM, but we were so far north that it started to get light around 4:30AM.  This made the drive much easier.

We weren’t really planning on stopping at Niagara Falls, but when we realized how close we would be driving by it, we had to stop.  It was definitely worth it.  Lots of people plan entire vacations around seeing the falls, but for us it was just one of those wonderful incidentals that will occasionally crop up during the course of a three week road trip.  We pulled into the falls around 7:00AM and walked around and took pictures for about an hour.  After that we headed for the Canadian border.  The entire trip we had been worrying about getting into Canada because Andrew does not have a passport.  This fear was only heightened when we learned that stricter border crossing laws had gone into effect on June 1.  I wish we had a cool smuggling story or something of that nature, but the truth is the border patrol was very friendly and didn’t give us any trouble.  Once in Canada, Andrew immediately started worrying about getting back into the US, but we were able to accomplish that without a hitch as well.


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