The Shoestring Catch

6/9 Progessive Field/ Indians Game
June 10, 2009, 6:43 pm
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Foul Ball!

It finally happened.  After 7 ½ games Andrew finally caught a foul ball.  It was thrown by former Cy Young Winner Cliff Lee and hit by current Kansas City Royals “slugger” Miguel Olivo (no, but seriously, would you have been able to tell me that Olivo already has 10 homeruns this season?  His two walks more than make up for this power surge, but it’s still an interesting stat).  A foul ball is the best kind of souvenir.  It’s free and it comes with a great memory already attached to it.

Progressive Field is probably the most nondescript ballpark we have visited so far.  There is nothing wrong with it, but at the same time there is nothing that really stands out about it.  The scoreboard is top-notch however, and it is the only one I have seen so far that displays both OBP and BBs when a hitter is up to bat.  This feature really helps keep Miguel Olivo’s 10 homeruns in perspective.  Progressive Field on a Tuesday night was also the emptiest ballpark we have visited.  We tried to use this to our advantage by sneaking into some very good seats along the first baseline, but even though we succeeded in sneaking into the seats, the section was so empty that the attendant noticed us later and said, “excuse me, you guys don’t look familiar.  Can I see your tickets?”  You don’t look familiar?  The park was so empty that this guy could identify every ticketholder in his section in a police lineup.  Oh well, if we hadn’t gone back up to our nosebleed seats, Andrew would never have caught the foul ball.

Speaking of foul balls, this game was just two days before the infamous fowl ball game where the Indians won in the 10th due to seagull interference.  In my notes from Tuesday I just wrote “seagulls?”  They were flying around and landing in the outfield during our game, and I wondered if they would ever come into play.  I had no idea.


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