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Turtle Ambulance
June 5, 2009, 1:48 pm
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Grayson and his friend Jimmy have a two man band called Turtle Ambulance.  They play mostly electronic music and have done some D.J. sets.  I tried to do a real-ish interview with them, but they mostly just joked around.  They described themselves as “Paul Simon meets David Bern meets our generation”.  After I told them I had a blog about baseball and beer and would be happy to give them a plug, they told me their work was heavily influenced by baseball and described themselves as “steroids meets Brian Wilson, with a bit of estrogen”.  Like I said, these guys are jokesters.  I believe Animal Collective is actually one of their influences, but that’s about the only substance I got out of the “interview”.  If you’re interested you can check out Turtle Ambulance on MySpace.

They are currently working on an album tentatively titled “Turtle Ambulance”.  It will have around 20 tracks, 11 of which are already written, and they plan to release it themselves.  In their opinion, music distribution as it is currently constructed is obsolete.  This is not necessarily a brand new idea, but it’s cool to see people eschewing the big music labels from the get go.  It seems like a lot of groups only decide to go independent after they can’t land a fat record deal.  I wish you all the best Turtle Ambulance.


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