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June 1, 2009, 3:40 pm
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Citizen's Bank Park

Citizen's Bank Park

I was really impressed by the Philadelphia sports complex.  The facilities for the Eagles, Fliers, Sixers, and Phillies are all grouped together with shared parking south of the city.  It is a great place to tailgate, although we did not partake in these festivities.  We took the subway to the park, which was cheaper than parking and a lot of fun ($10 to park, $3 subway roundtrip).  The Broad Street subway line’s last stop drops you off right in front of all the sports parks.  It was so easy to use.

Citizen’s Bank Park is a great place to see a ballgame, especially for the Standing Room Only Crowd.  It is a very open park with great views from every corner.  One of the nicest features of the park (at least for SROers) was a bar that stretched all around the park that you could set your drinks on while you were standing.  I don’t know why more parks don’t have a similar feature; it is such a great idea.

The stadium was absolutely packed.  I have been to a lot of games that were “sold out”, but this is the only game I have ever attended that was truly filled to capacity.  Phillies fans have a reputation for being passionate, if not a bit belligerent, and from what I saw tonight, this is at least partially true.  We were standing behind the seats down the third baseline in the top of the second with a bunch of other people when the umpire blew a call at the plate that led to Washington’s third run.  The entire stadium erupted in a collective boo, and several people around us began to swear, loudly.  One fan in particular kept repeating obscenities until two employees told him he would be asked to leave if he dropped one more F-Bomb.  He calmed down, but it was a tense situation.

Everyone at the park remained livid about the blown call until the bottom of the same inning when Ryan Howard bombed a solo shot to right field.  After that everyone was happy again.  Howard also had a grand slam in this game; at 478 ft, it set the record for longest home run by a Phillie in Citizen’s Bank Park history.

I was happy to see several local beers available at the park, including Troegs Summer Pils, Hong Hammer IPA, and Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale.  A 12 oz cup of these premium domestics will run you $6.75, which isn’t bad when you consider a 16 oz bottle of Bud Lite is $7.50.  I haven’t budgeted enough to drink at games, but it’s nice to know these beers are available.  I also don’t have enough cash to pay the inflated prices for ballpark food, which is a real shame because there was some great looking grub (including cheesesteaks and sausages) at Citizen’s Bank Park.  If you have to have a hot dog but are trying to spend as little as possible, head over to the Kid’s Food Stand in Section 111.  The $2.00 hot dogs are a little bit smaller than their $4.50 brothers, but definitely still a great deal.


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This looks like an awesome trip. Keep writing about it.

Comment by Russell Hamley

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