The Shoestring Catch

June 1, 2009, 3:43 pm
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Hotel casinos can either be the budget traveler’s boon or the budget traveler’s bane.  It would be awesome if we could each win a fortune and pay for the rest of the trip, but we’re obviously going to have to be careful not to lose our shirts.  I  am currently down $20.00.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress, as long as it doesn’t get too painful.

UPDATE: I ended my gambling exploits down $30. I am not including this in the expenses and pie charts because you should know better than to do this. Gambling losses stories are boring, so I won’t tell any.

Today we drive into New York. I have found a garage in Manhattan to park my car. I think we’re going to spend most of our time in Central Park. Updates when I get them.


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I’m enjoying your blog, thanks for sharing! Seems like you have everything planned out, but just wanted to give you heads-up that I’m pretty sure that as of June 1, you’ll need a passport when you come into the U.S. from Canada. Also, don’t know if your GPS thingy will take you over the bridge or through the tunnel. Take the tunnel! There is crazy construction around the bridge on the U.S. side (I live in Detroit). Email me if you have any questions about Detroit or about Comerica Park. I’m there for A LOT.

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