The Shoestring Catch

Atlantic City
June 1, 2009, 3:43 pm
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We couldn’t find any reasonably priced accommodations in New York City.  We tried to couchsurf, but everyone we contacted was already hosting someone else.  We could have stayed at a hostel, but the cheapest one we could find would have been $35.00 per person.  Additionally, I was not looking forward to parking my car on a New York street overnight.  I guess we could have found a hotel in Newark or something, but instead we decided to drive down to Atlantic City.  With the economy as bad as it is, the gaming world has been hit especially hard.  This is bad for the casinos, but great for us.  We were able to book a suite at the Resorts Atlantic City for $77.00 a night, or less than $26.00 a person.  The hotel is also right on the beach.  I think the idea of giving us the room for so cheap is that we will lose a lot of money at the casino, but hopefully that won’t happen.  We are staying in Atlantic City tonight and Monday night and heading back to New York for the Yankees on Tuesday morning.  We’re going to take a beach day on Monday and sightsee New York on Tuesday before the game.  The plan as of now is to just start driving north to Boston after the game and find a cheap hotel on the way.


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