The Shoestring Catch

Orioles Game Highlights
May 30, 2009, 5:11 am
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100_1282Tonight was the Major Leauge debut of Orioles uber prospect Matt Wieters. He was supposed to be the focus of the game, but when your starter goes 8+ innings, Luke Scott homers twice, and you win 7-2, people tend to overlook the rookie catcher who goes 0 for four with a strikeout. However, it was one of the most exciting 0 for four performances I can remember. The Oriole faithful were on their feet for every Wieters at bat and chanting “MVP!”. On the very first pitch of the game, Josh Anderson laid down a bunt, which Wieters fielded cleanly and threw to firstbase to record his first Major League assist. I can’t help but wonder if Jim Leyland called that play just to test the rookie’s nerves. It seems like the kind of thing a veteran opposing manager would do to test a young buck’s mettle.

I mentioned that everyone was on their feet for all of Wieters’ at bats, but at least two of these were tailcoat-riding standing ovations. You see, Wieters had the good fortune of hitting behind the red hot Luke Scott, who went 3 for 3 with a walk, a grand slam, and a solo homerun. The crowd might have stood up for Wieters on his own merits, but they were already standing for Scott. They were also in such a good mood from Scott’s antics that they barely noticed when Wieters flied out to end two separate innings.

Another Wieters note: Apparently he has chosen AC/DC’s “Hells Bells” as his at bat music. Wieters certainly has the right to pick any song he wants, but I find this a particularly curious choice. I mean, is there any stronger song/player association in baseball this side of Mariano Rivera/Enter Sandman than Trevor Hoffman/Hells Bells? Maybe Wieters didn’t realize this, or maybe he just really loves Hells Bells and didn’t care. Either way, this is exactly the kind of story that the “real media” would make too much of, blow out of proportion, and drive me crazy with, so I am dropping it immediately.

In a development that surprised no one, and saddend at least me, Dontrell Willis was awful tonight.


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