The Shoestring Catch

May 29, 2009, 12:35 am
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Wells Fargo Fraud Division called my house today to check on my recent credit card activity. I guess charging hundreds of dollars worth of baseball tickets on one day looks a bit suspicious. This was just a false alarm, but I do like it when people do their jobs.


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Road trips will do that for your too. In 2003 I took a road trip from Ohio to California and back again. As I was standing in the ticket line at the Big A in Anaheim, the fraud department of AMEX called me to confirm my purchases. They were really nice about it, and the lady told me that when their computers detect multiple gas and hotel purchases in a very short period of time without other expenses typically associated with vacations, the fraud alarms often go off.

So basically, road trippers and baseball fans are always under suspicion.

Comment by Craig Calcaterra

For some reason the phrase “without the other expenses typically associated with vacations” seems very funny to me. I guess I sort of forgot that the normal world spends money on things other than tickets and gas.

Comment by James Van Hooser

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