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Zen and the Art of Mustang Maintenance
May 26, 2009, 10:41 pm
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I had Arwen inspected today and changed her oil in preparation for the trip. I’ve had her break down on a road trip before; it is not awesome. I am hoping to avoid that this time, in part by keeping her immacuately maintained.  I’m going to change the oil again in the middle of the trip after 3000 miles. I’m also not going to let gas get below 1/4 tank to help keep the fuel pump healthy. I also need to take vehicle wear and tear into account. I am happy to offer up my car to facilitate this trip, but 6000+ miles is a lot to put on any car in under a month. Several websites have suggested wear and tear, not including gas, is about 7.5-10 cents a mile. That sounds good to me. For now, lets just assume that each guy is responsible for 2000 miles at 8 cents a mile. That works out to about $160 each, or one Cubs SRO ticket. Make sure to check out the expenses page for vehicle maintenance updates.


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