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May 26, 2009, 11:47 pm
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Shiner Bock

One of the goals of my trip is to drink as many different beers that I cannot get in Texas as possible; however, this does not mean that I don’t like Texas beers. In fact, I think Texas has some of the best craft brews around. I am a big fan of Live Oak, 512, and Real Ale, but the standard in Texas is still Shiner. Shiner Bock is the 4th best selling craft beer in America (according to an uncited wikipedia entry), but it is still not readily available to most of the country. As a personal Johnny Appleseed style quest, I am bringing a case of Shiner on my trip and giving away singles to the good people of the east coast and midwest who are deprived of this beer. Most of these beers will be gifts to our couchsurfing hosts, but if you feel like you deserve one and will be near us, let me know in the comments section.


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You will be hitting Denver, so here are my beerful suggestions.

1. Get thee to the Falling Rock Tap House – 75 (give or take) beers on tap.

2. Drink at the Wynkoop.

3. Try the fine and crispy pizza at Marco’s.

3. Avoid the chains – the ballpark neighborhood has good food, great beer, and

Comment by LeighInCO

…and….I want to say something about the Rockies themselves, but today is just not the day.

Comment by LeighInCO

A couple of beer suggestions from a native Clevelander living in Boston.

Boston: For this time of year, definitely Sam Summer. Anything by Harpoon, also. Both offer good brewery tours. I’m sure you knew this already, though.

Cleveland: I can’t stress this enough – go to the Great Lakes Brewery by the West Side Market in Cleveland. Simply great beers and some are only available at the brewery itself. Their Dortmunder is a classic and the Eliot Ness is a personal favorite.

Comment by Mike

Hey make sure when you’re in NY you try one of the Cooperstown Brewery beers. They’re all baseball themed (with baseball-looking bottle caps) as any beer from the town that’s home to the hall of fame should be.

Comment by Joe

Ommegang. It’s a Belgian brewery in Cooperstown. I don’t know if you’ve already driven through there or even if you’re planning to, but if you do Ommegang is definately the beer you want to try.

Comment by anon

When passing through Indiana, get yourself some Three Floyd’s, in particular their Gumballhead and Robert the Bruce. If you go through Michigan, try anything by Bell’s (their Oberon summer beer is good).

And any trip to Chicago would be incomplete without some Goose Island, and a requisite Old Style on tap at Wrigley.

Comment by Craig

Here’s some beer recommendations off the top of my head:

Washington, DC: The Nats apparently serve Stone Brewing Company’s Arrogant Bastard on tap. AB is probably the best pale ale being brewed today.

Baltimore: Dogfish Head – any of the crazy varieties (brewed in Delaware).

New York: Ommegang Brewery – Three Philosophers (brewed in Cooperstown); Brooklyn Brewing Co – ’55 Pennant Ale (brewed in Brooklyn).

Boston: If you can, head down to Worcester and hit up the Dive Bar or the Armsby Abbey; they both offer about 20 taps and 100+ bottles of great beer. It’s a beer lover’s paradise, albeit a little expensive – check the tap list at . Otherwise, the best Mass Brewery going is the Berkshire Brewing Company. Try the Coffeehaus Porter or the Imperial Steel Rail Pale Ale. Geary’s is a New Hampshire brewery, but their Hampshire Special Ale is bomb.

Chicago: I definitely second Shyster’s Three Floyd’s recommendation. They’re one of the best microbreweries going.

Comment by Adam

Hi James eric & andrew- much love from Texas! Camille says a special hi to eric she’s looking for a woo or ping pong match.

Comment by Angela Enright

Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I’m going to do a post soon about all of the suggestions I have gotten so far from various sources.

Comment by James Van Hooser

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